Leadership Program

Leadrership PatchPSJBBA believes that training people today to be tomorrows leaders is a rewarding experience. The Leadership programs at the school provide students with the learning experience on how to change people’s lives through teaching martial arts.  While the program focuses on teaching students how to become martial arts instructors it also prepares them on how to be leaders at school, work, and in life.  These students become the role models for others to follow and in doing so become more confident individuals.



Junior Leader Program


Students ages 4-15 who demonstrate the desire to become future leaders have the opportunity to upgrade to the Junior Leader Program. This program offers a special class once a month to work on life skills that leaders demonstrate and how to teach others. Junior Leaders are to be role models for other students to follow and help instructors in class. Junior Leaders once approved by ATA headquarters are recognized by their red, white, and blue collar on the uniform.

Instructor Trainee Program

Students age 16+ who demonstrate the qualities of a leader have the opportunity to upgrade to the Instructor Trainee Program. This program prepares students to become future instructors and leaders in their community. The program has 3 levels of certification one can receive, with the final level being a fully certified instructor.

Instructor Program

Once a student has been fully certified through the Instructor Trainee Program they are able to be in charge of teaching a class.

There are 3 levels of being an Instructor:

  • Black/Red Collar – Certified Trainee Instructor
    • Apprentice program where trainee had logged at least 100 hours of assistant teaching, and completed the first level of the Instructor Program curriculum set forth by ATA Songahm TaeKwonDo.
  • Black/Red/Black Collar – Specialty Trainer
    • Trainee has logged over 200 teaching/training hours with practical teaching experience.
  • Full Black Collar – Certified Instructor

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